Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What Would Duncan/Kobe Do? WWDD vs. WWKD

Two of the games today (SAS-GSW [] and LAL-MEM []) provided a good contrast between the two best post-Jordan superstars. You've got Duncan scoring only 15 points, on a subpar shooting night (only 6-of-15). So what did he do? He got his teammates involved, crashed boards, and played defense. In other words, he allowed the game come to him. He wasn't concerned about the stats. It just so happened that the stats reflected his unselfish play. On the other hand, you've got Kobe scoring 29 but on 25 shots. Just another typical night for him. He got his points but you couldn't say that they were all in the flow of the game. He's the kind of player who feels he has to score 30 a night for his team to win. Score 30 by any means necessary. Even if it takes 25 shots. Hell, even if it takes 50. Doesn't matter if he's been shooting 6-for-24 (just had to get that in there). And then he bitches when his teammate misses the final shot (check 3:00 of
That's the difference right there. On a poor shooting night, compare WWDD and WWKD. Duncan would get his teammates involved. Kobe would force his offense. Duncan's team won. Kobe's team lost. So if you're a GM building a franchise from scratch, what mentality would you want your franchise player to have? I thought so. (If you answered WWKD, then you better get your head checked... by a jumbo jet.) That's why in the list of post-Jordan superstars, Tim Duncan is #1; Kobe Bryant is #2.
And I guess that's why I don't like Mr. 24 (or Mr. 81, whichever you want to call him).

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